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Road Speed Limiter

To see a list of currently available speed limiter applications for the VDO Pedal Interface 2 unit please click here...

If you need a speed limiter and can not find a suitable application please get in touch and we will work with you to find a solution.

Border Tachograph Services Limited has been fitting, repairing and calibrating road speed limiters since 1992. As distributors for VDO, Groeneveld and Stoneridge we have fitted countless systems to all manner of vehicles. However, since the introduction of drive by wire systems the need for traditional after-market products has diminished to the extent that the Stoneridge range is now obsolete. We no longer support the Groeneveld or VDO RSL II ranges.

The VDO Pedal Interface II for light vehicle applications is available in three different versions with two different Interface hardware specifications:

Type 1 - 3 analogue channel

Type 2 - 2 analogue channel  

The VDO Pedal Interface II consists of an electronic controller which is mounted between the accelerator pedal unit and the engine control unit (ECU). The output signal of the accelerator pedal is modified to control the road and engine speed. Therefore a modification in the electronics or software of the standard engine control systems can be avoided.

The system is available for a wide range of applications including vans, cars and 4x4s. Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

VDO Pedal Interface 2

Speed Limiter Applications