Certified Dealer

Border Tachograph Services Ltd is sorry to inform you that we are no longer a Webasto Dealer. Due to the end of our workshop lease and its non-renewal we have had to take the decision to close our workshop and we are no longer able to offer repair or installation work. We thank every one of our Webasto customers for your business and the Webasto team for their support. 
To find your nearest Webasto dealer please click the button to go to the Webasto Dealer Locator.

Boiler draining

When autumn weather arrives and overnight temperatures fall it is the time to think about draining your Webasto heater boiler. If the heater sees a temperature of 6' or lower the boiler will automatically open the drain valve to empty the water. The auto drain will be indicated by the User Interface background illumination flashing. For details of to drain your system and to reset it afterwards please see this short video produced by Webasto giving you the necessary instructions

Boiler descaling

Descaling and disinfection is an important job to maintain your Webasto Dual Top water boiler in tip top condition. Follow the steps in the short video which has been produced by Webasto.