Regulation 561/2006

This is the EU Regulation covering Driver's Hours.

Road Transport (Working Time)

This link takes you to the Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations 2005.

Passenger & Goods Vehicles (Recording Equipment)

This is the Passenger and Goods vehicles (Recording equipment) Downloading and Retention of data.

Commission Directive 2009/5/EC

This directive sets out categories of seriousness of infringements. 

Commission Regulation EU No. 1266/2009

This Regulation covers additional security of sensors and introduces the "one minute rule". 

DVSA guidance

Guidance from the DVSA on rules which came into force in August 2020

The EU Mobility Package that was introduced in August 2020. This included a few alterations to Drivers’ Hours which include: 

  • The ability for drivers to take two back-to-back Weekly Rests when doing international journeys, so long as each reduction is started outside their own Member State.
  • The ability to record a ferry crossing whilst on Weekly Rest (reduced/ regular)
  • Updated requirements on record-keeping which have a big impact on occasional drivers; EVERYONE now has to carry 28 days’ worth of records on them regardless of whether they driver full-time or not and these records must be recorded on the back of a chart, print-roll or via manual entry. 

Road Transport (Working Time) Directive Guidance. An excellent guide, written in plain English outlining the basics of the regulations.

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